Amish Chairs


OurOur dining chairs are exclusively available at Boulder Furniture Arts, proudly handcrafted by our Amish partners in Ohio and finished here in Boulder. Today, Amish chairs are the unopposed choice for discerning clients, guaranteed to last, available in an array of styles from traditional to contemporary, and far more affordable than big-brand chairmakers. Many Amish furniture makers are in fact gifted designers and draftsmen, introducing upscale and contemporary styles to the scene.


  • Amish woodworking tools are powered by hydraulic and pneumatic power that is run on diesel generators, per Amish values, and most communities permit some technology. Our partners work with a business landline and a fax machine.

  • Woodworking is the quintessential Amish handcraft, and supports multiple families within the community. Our well-informed clients know to expect the highest quality, style, and that “x-factor”: real passion for what we do.

  • Painstaking attention to detail is the hallmark of Amish craftsmanship. Each piece of raw lumber is hand-selected to fit a specific chair style, and grain pattern is considered both for its durable structure and for the desired look of the finished piece.

  • Amish chairs are prized today for their sustainability as American-made and crafted from FSC-certified (sustainable and domestic) lumber, and our locally-applied soft oil finish is the best around.

Our builders pride themselves in their work and see these chairs as works of art. We see them as furnishings to be lived in for generations.

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