Beetlekill (Blue) Pine

BEETLEKILL (BLUE) PINE – Pinus Ponderosa

The Pine is synonymous with Colorado, the symbol of our natural beauty, clean mountain air and alpine identity. In an unprecedented blight, Mountain Pine Beetles have killed more than two million acres of our Pines by cutting off their nutrient supply, and we aim to lead the way in transforming the salvaged material into the fine furniture it can be.

The tree’s sapwood layer takes on washes of blue-gray, with wild streaks of white and knotty character. Depending on the soil, age and individual characteristics of a tree, red-brown knots and purple may come to life in the sanding and finishing stages. As a softwood, we use Beetlekill in extra-thick dimensions.

 It’s the only native wood we use – our master craftsmen work exclusively with kiln-dried Beetlekill from Red Feather Lakes and nearer forests as part of large-scale management efforts. Without stain or lacquer, its natural coloring is a funky wash of blue-gray and woodsy knots, creating a unique, artistic look in modern designs and a cozy feel in rustic styles.

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