Boulder knows the great outdoors better than almost anyone else. With deference to our natural environment, outdoor furniture starts with locally salvaged, kiln-dried Beetlekill (Blue) Pine. Relax in the fresh air from our famous Adirondack chairs, or host dinner around a massive outdoor table – either way, you’re set up for premium outdoor living.


The Tree & The Beetle

The Pine is part of our being here in Colorado, the symbol of our natural beauty, clean mountain air and alpine identity. In an unprecedented blight, the Mountain Pine Beetle has infested and killed more than two million acres of our Pines, cutting off the nutrient supply and coloring the tree’s sapwood layer blue-gray (see Rocky Mountain National Park). The dead trees are rescued from fire and decomposition in large-scale forest sustainability efforts. Their interior composition can remain solid and pure for woodworking projects.

The Wood & The Furniture

John creates our outdoor collection from the Ponderosa Pines of Boulder, Larimer, and Grand counties. The wood is blue-gray, with wild streaks of white and gray-green and a knotty character. Depending on soil, age and individual character of a tree, red-brown knots and purple may come to life in the sanding and finishing stages. Dried wood is considered slab-by-slab for every individual project, in a process that is equal parts time-honored craftsmanship and contemporary art. We welcome the opportunity to act as part of this solution, and to use our craft to share it with our community and beyond.

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John | Beetlekill "Flatiron" Style Adirondacks

John | Beetlekill “Flatiron” Style Adirondacks


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