Natural Oil Finish


Like water to a fish, our finish gives wood what it wants in order to be its healthiest, most naturally beautiful and long-lasting self. Eco-friendly ingredients, old-fashioned methods, and easy, at-home maintenance.


  • Ingredients: The colorless, low-VOC finish is old-school: made from natural Tung tree and Linseed oils (used to finish fine woods since the days of Confucius). The oil hardens within the wood, and remains flexible to accommodate natural movement across the seasons.
  • Process: Infuse the wood pores with repeated, thin coats of oil, applied by hand using rags. Coats of oil are alternated with progressively finer sanding cycles. By the time the wood is fully saturated and can’t accept any more oil, up to two weeks have been devoted to the finishing process.
  • Effect on Color: An oil finish is widely accepted as the one that creates the greatest depth of natural color. Each slab, let alone each tree, is unique, and within either you will find a hundred hues and incomparable patterns.
  • Effect on Grain: Oil enriches grain pattern and natural color more than any other finish. The oil finish creates a look unachievable by wood stains. It’s equally beautiful in modern and eclectic interiors and with every other type of furniture.


  • Day-to-Day: Wipe clean with a barely damp cloth and/or gentle cleanser, and download our Oil Finish Care Sheet (PDF) for touchup.
  • Touch-Up: Our wood and finish are natural products, safe enough to care for entirely at home. There’s no spray, plastic (polyurethane, lacquer, etc.), stain or other superficial finish to wear through over time. Touch up as necessary with synthetic steel wool and natural lemon oil (no need to strip or bring to a refinisher).



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