Natural Oil Finish


Like water to a fish, our signature hand-rubbed oil gives wood what it needs to be its most beautiful, long-lasting self. Expect deep, dimensional color, a velvety surface, and a satin luster that is equally soothing and modern.

LiveEdge Walnut Bench with Waterfall & Turquoise

  • THE FINISH: The colorless finish is made from natural tree oils (used to finish fine woods since the days of Confucius) and durable resins. Oil conditions the hardwood, while resins cure within the pores. Repetitive coats saturate the raw surface with liquid and impact resistance, and the finish remains flexible to adapt to seasonal movement.
  • CARE: We build in and for Boulder – our furniture is made to be used by real people. No spray or plastic finish needs to be stripped off and no stain can be worn through. Maintenance and restoration use the same two ingredients: natural lemon oil and synthetic steel wool.

  • THE PROCESS: It’s time-consuming, but it’s our therapy. Between each coat of rag-applied finish, the wood breathes, absorbing oil and curing over several hours. The repetitive finishing and sanding cycle cycle can take up to two weeks.

  • GRAIN: Oil enriches grain pattern and natural color more than any other finish can. Each slab, let alone each tree, is unique, and within either you will find a hundred colors and incomparable patterns.

  • AESTHETIC: The oil finish creates a look unachievable by wood stains. It’s equally beautiful in modern and eclectic interiors and with every other type of furniture. It is our passion to create objects that are deeply satisfying in both aesthetic and experience.

Wipe clean for the everyday, and download our Oil Finish Care Sheet (PDF) for touchup.


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