The Conscious Roots Promise


Each of us here at BFA is a student of nature. In keeping with our love for the environment we live in, we do not compromise on practical and environmental principles that are commonly neglected within our industry. Using responsible methods and sustainable materials in all aspects of our work, we defy an industry of mass-produced, factory-finished furniture.


  • Renewable, natural material is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainably grown or locally salvaged. Locally salvaged Beetlekill Blue Pine comes from standing dead trees, transformed into fine furniture as part of grand-scale local forest sustainability efforts, focusing on fire prevention and carbon management.
  • Delivery isn’t only a convenience. It means no gimmicky upgrades to alternative packaging materials – we don’t use packaging. We reuse moving blankets and take them back with us.


  • The Made-to-Order model isn’t just for fun. It means we waste ZERO pieces of furniture. Materials are only used after a design is approved, and the off-cuts and sawdust are repurposed or composted. Our compost dumpster dwarfs our recycling bin.

low footprint:

  • Wood moves from the farm to the sawmill to the workshop to you, entirely within America and often entirely within just 75 miles of Boulder.  The only other ingredients (wood glue, finish, leg bolts, leaf hardware & bed fasteners) are also American-made.


  • Overhead strain on the environment (showrooms, utilities, staff, marketing) is an infinitesimal fraction of other furniture companies. Hannah could write a book on this subject.
  • Call us and an experienced designer or woodworker will pick up. If you see a photo, it’s directly from delivery day or the client themselves. No catalogs, no photoshoots, no nationwide showrooms or online shopping.


  • Now and always 100% American. Tables, beds, desks and anything with dovetails or doors is made by hand in one of our two local workshops (Boulder and Arvada). Dining chairs are Amish-made by generational woodworkers in Columbiana, OH and hand-finished here in Boulder.
  • Locally made for 35 years, and 50% woman-owned.
  • Made from natural Tung tree oil, (used to finish fine wood for centuries), our hand-rubbed oil finish restores the natural moisture-fed composition of the living tree. It’s plant-based, pigment-free and 100% clear of toxic urethane or lacquer chemistry. Applied by hand with cotton rags in our Boulder workshop.


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