Our Conscious Roots Promise


We think of ourselves as students of reality – always learning, always deferring to the needs of the nature that allows us to be here. At BFA, we are committed to responsible, sustainable materials and methods in all aspects of our work. In keeping with our love for the environment we live in, we do not compromise on practical and environmental principles that are commonly neglected within our industry. The ingredients are FSC-certified sustainable American hardwoods or locally salvaged Beetlekill Pine, and a natural plant-based finish. Traditionally built and finished, each piece is the beautiful alternative to mass-produced and factory-finished pieces, and each is inherently easy to care for.

The following are just a few examples of our efforts towards a fully conscious business model.

  • Production of our furniture will always be 100% American, with beds, tables and casegoods created from raw lumber in our workshop (15 minutes from our Boulder showroom). Chairs are Amish-made by generational woodworkers and arrive handcrafted and unfinished from Columbiana, OH. Outdoor furniture and salvaged Beetlekill Blue Pine pieces are built in Niwot, CO.
  • All of our hardwoods are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, American-grown, and kiln-dried to suit the Colorado climate. We are excited to partner with the FSC in order to “meet our current needs for forest products without compromising the health of the world’s forests for future generations”. Wood glue and finish are also American-made.
  • Locally salvaged Beetlekill Blue Pine exemplifies our commitment to protecting our local forest environment. The trees stand dead, in patches and whole hillsides from the blight of the Mountain Pine Beetle (see Rocky Mountain National Park). We create furniture from the timber of Grand, Larimer and Boulder counties as part of grand-scale local forest sustainability, which saves trees from carbon-releasing decomposition and fire in strategic measures. The beautiful wood is transformed in our shop into furniture designed for generations of living.
  • Our signature hand-rubbed oil blend is a low-VOC, natural and invisible finish that brings out the richest natural beauty of our select hardwoods without harmful urethane or lacquer chemistry. Made from natural Tung tree oil, used to finish fine wood for centuries, the blend saturates the wood surface to establish a stable, breathable layer that’s like velvet to the touch. Applied by hand with cotton rags over several days in a cycle of repetitive oiling and sanding, it’s time-consuming but once it’s done, the raw material is protected and unchanged. As a flexible finish, it handles the seasonal movement of natural wood with ease, and long-term maintenance requires only natural lemon oil and a scour pad.
  • We partner with other local businesses for all the finishing touches. All glass panels (stained, mirror, textured, etc.) are made here in Boulder by Boulder Stained Glass Studios and Toledo Glass. Turquoise and Coral Inlay starts with stones from Nomad Beads. Mixed materials and custom knobs are handcrafted in Boulder and Denver by various artists.


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