Our Made-to-Order Model


The process is surprisingly easy, beginning with one-on-one time with Hannah and/or Lee. Either way, an expert in Shaker style, furniture construction, scale/proportion, and the industry’s “standard” guidelines will be right by your side.




DESIGN | Start from any of our designs, then specify size and choose a wood species. Select from options specific to your type of piece, from tabletop thickness to headboard height. Example | Popular options include the rail-style footboard, 24″ table expansion leaf and inlaid turquoise.

PRICING | Quotes are complimentary and determined by complexity, size and wood species.  Remember that because we offer our work directly, the maximum portion of your furniture purchase goes into the end product. Example | Adding a drawer is more complex than an extra inch of height.

ORDERING + LEAD TIME | A half deposit begins the building process, and orders are created in a first-come-first-served basis. Lead time is currently 4+ months to delivery.* Download our full appendix of terms and conditions here. Example | Often, new clients will receive sketches of their new furniture to scale after a deposit but before we start making sawdust.



DESIGN | The skill and flexibility within our shop opens the door to original, innovative and artistic ideas. Bring a drawing or photo, send a link, or literally design your own furniture. As long as wood can do it, we can do it.

PRICING, ORDERING + LEAD TIME | Like Made-to-Order pieces, custom furniture pricing is determined by wood species and design. For custom pieces, allow 2 weeks for quotes and open-ended lead time.* This is where the “Arts” in “Boulder Furniture Arts” really comes out to play.



Delivery is performed by BFA staff – you’ll meet some of the people who made your new furniture come to life. Enjoy! Your pieces could be among few antiques from our time.


Pine Bonsai

* Our workshop is comprised of a very small group of classically trained craftsmen and women with the tools, experience and passion to create the finest furniture our tradition will allow. The process includes drafting, creating cutlists and patterns, selecting boards and slabs, milling, joining, wood layout, positioning and orientation, joinery, assembly, fine sanding and repeated applications of our hand-rubbed oil finish. Lead time is a necessary part of what makes this process so effective.

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