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Our Made-to-Order process is a first in furniture. The Pearl Street team offers expert furniture industry knowledge, regionally-focused design advice and home consultations. Four craftsmen build by hand in our nearby shop, using mastered techniques to create beautiful furniture, designed around you. PLEASE ANTICIPATE A 2-4 MONTH LEAD TIME FROM DEPOSIT TO DELIVERY OF OUR FURNITURE – WE ARE VERY BUSY. Typically, the process goes through the following steps, with ongoing collaboration with Lee, Hannah and Zach.

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  • Your Made-to-Order Design: Make your own choices: wood species, dimensions, storage configuration, knob selection and other aesthetic and functional choices are up to you. Example: Popular modifications include the rail-style footboard, 24″ table expansion leaf and inlaid turquoise. We come in to navigate the world of construction techniques and design influences with a forward-thinking furniture philosophy.

  • Receiving a Quote: Pricing is determined by wood species and design.  We offer our work directly to you, so the largest portion of your furniture purchase goes into the quality of our product, both in materials and through unparalleled craftsmanship. Example: Raw Beetlekill Pine lumber is far less costly than Black Walnut, and adding a drawer is more complex than an extra inch of height.
  • Starting an Order:  Quotes are complimentary and a half deposit begins the building process. Example: Often, new clients will receive CAD sketches of their new furniture to scale after a deposit but before we start chopping wood. Download our full appendix of terms and conditions here.


  • One moment please! Our workshop is comprised of a very small group of classically trained craftsmen with the tools, experience and passion to create only the best work the tradition will allow. The building process includes CAD drawing, creating cut-lists and patterns, selecting boards and slabs, milling, assembly, fine sanding and finally application of our exclusive hand-rubbed oil finish. The results are worth waiting for.

  • Local/regional delivery and setup is performed by builders and finishers – you might meet one or more of the people who helped bring your new furniture to life. Nationwide shipments are fully insured, blanket-wrapped and brought into your home via museum-quality shipper. Enjoy! Your new furniture will be among few antiques from our time.

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