Our Story


Once upon a time in 1985, five young craftsmen and women joined forces to upgrade Colorado’s furniture environment. They combined four elements that now define BFA, one of Boulder’s longest-running local businesses and the only furniture company around to make what we offer:

1. East Coast techniques, to worship timelessness and stretch the craft to its highest possible form

2. Rocky Mountain sensibilities, to hold steadfast to the health of environment above all other values

3. Boulder style, to unite our love of simplicity with expressive personality

4. Childlike enthusiasm, to instill in every piece of furniture the hallmarks of joy and passion

Lee Nemerowicz and Hannah Rogal each came from a serious furniture background, and met in the shop. Today they’re planning their life together, and choosing to keep things small and local, despite cheaper ways to do business. It’s a unique idea in an industry of mass production and passive purchases, and it’s why we love what we do: your new rocker or dining table will be among the few antiques from our time.

It is our mission to spark satisfaction – to create beautiful, utilitarian furniture by heeding nature’s signals, leading to the restoration of a sustainable world. In a deliberate and personal process, we seek to define new balance in the meaningful object.

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