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Once in a while, a great idea and a beautiful place are perfect for each other. We were born thirty years ago out of a growing hunger for new, “real” furniture, which used to be the norm. Decade after decade, we’ve been hard at work championing authentic, local craft and commerce within our amazing community here in Colorado. Today, we choose to stay small and local, making some tough choices in spite of cheaper or “easier” ways to do business.

The reason we’re here remains the same – provide a uniquely human furniture experience, the highest standard of quality in the world, and do it for the love of it. Today we’re among Boulder’s longest-running local businesses, and the only company on the historic Pearl Street Mall to make what we offer. We are proud to share locally-focused, expert industry knowledge and old-fashioned customer service. It’s our passion and privilege, before and long after delivery.

  • We are guided by a mission to restore the spirit of the furniture world, using our own hands and a local focus. New furniture is never “affordable”, no matter how inexpensive it may be, if it doesn’t hold up.
  • Our unique pricing and ordering process sends your Made-to-Order design to a single craftsman per order, and each builder expresses his or her passion in fine joinery and swirling grain patterns.

  • Commitment to the highest standards of sustainability and environmental consciousness is foundational to BFA. Because we can, and because we must.

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