AMERICAN CHERRY – Prunus Serotina

Natural Cherry is the original favorite, an experience in warmth and authenticity, and the foolproof choice for not-our-forever-house-yet. It’s a quintessentially American hardwood, utilized by the Shakers in early American furniture as the finest (renewable) material in the world. Ours is Forest Stewardship Council-certified sustainable, kiln-dried and finished with our hand-rubbed oil blend.

Unlike any other species, Cherry darkens over time with exposure to sunlight and air. On delivery day, it’s peachy color hints at the depth of grain and color, and it only gets better with age. The darkening process ends when the wood reaches a deep amber color with flowing, organic grain pattern, and it evens itself out in the event of occasional “tan lines”.

Take a look at the gallery below for examples of natural Cherry with our hand-rubbed oil finish at various ages.

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