For over 37 years, BFA has served as a hub of woodworking knowledge, the local’s source for real furniture, and a pretty good place to start when you’re new to Boulder (restaurant recommendations for all!). Our approach blends interns and apprentices at the start, generational staff in the middle, and experts enjoying semi-retirement at the finale of their careers in craftsmanship and design.

Design | Hannah Rogal (MA), Lee Nemerowicz (NJ), Andrew Wethington (CO)

Master Craftsman | Jeff Giering (OH)

Master Finisher | Brian Martindale (MI)

Woodworkers | Gary (IN), Chris (PA), Derrick (NE), Brian, Jesse (TN), Erik (DC)

Finishers | Derrick, Michael (CA), Pete (CA)

Steel | Erik

Inlay | Derrick, Hannah

Intern | Axel Strynar

Junior Pawject Manager | Daisy Oklahoma (OK)