The tree is one of nature’s greatest inventions: from a seed, earth, rain and sun we create homes, heat, books and spices.

  • HISTORY | Each finished piece reflects intimate familiarity with natural wood and deference to its inherent qualities. Your furniture will be among few antiques from our time.

  • SUSTAINABILITY | Our woods are either Forest Sustainability Council-Certified  sustainable or locally salvaged. Wood goes through a kiln-drying process to stabilize the material against cracking or warping.

  • ART | Our craftsmen and women are notoriously meticulous. Prized grain pattern is prioritized, doors and drawers are grain-matched, and there are no filler boards.



SELECT AVAILABILITY |  Siberian Elm, English Elm, American Elm, Honeylocust, Mulberry, Sugarberry, Red Cedar, Green Ash, Brown Maple, Claro Walnut, Box Elder

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