The tree is one of nature’s greatest inventions: from a seed, earth, rain and sun we create homes, heat, books and spices.

  • HISTORY | Solid wood is unique in its inherent goodness: natural durability and breathtaking beauty. A new Boulder Furniture Arts piece is the culmination of generations of woodworkers with intimate knowledge of their material and utmost deference to nature. It means American-made from tree to table, and it means your furniture will be among few antiques from our time.

  • CONSTRUCTION | Kiln-drying the raw material before working it guarantees against cracking and warping in our dry Colorado climate, and allows for safe travel to and from humid conditions. Each piece of wood is chosen according to structural and aesthetic qualities of its tree of origin.

  • SUSTAINABILITY | Our woods are either Forest Sustainability Council-Certified  sustainable or locally salvaged. Finely sanded and treated to our natural hand-rubbed oil finish, each finished piece is velvet to the touch and easy to maintain with just lemon oil and steel wool.

  • ART | Every piece comes to life through a painstaking process of board selection: our builders are notoriously meticulous and may spend weeks deciding on the most spectacular arrangement of grain movement and dimensional color.



SELECT AVAILABILITY: LiveEdge Ash, LiveEdge Black Locust, LiveEdge Russian Olive, LiveEdge Elm, LiveEdge Red Cedar, Quartersawn Mahogany, Salvaged Grain Car Flooring

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