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  • Is everything custom-made?
    BFA furniture is made-to-order so we can eliminate waste and keep limited inventory on hand in the studio. Our process is divided into "made-to-order" and "custom" pathways, which distinguishes our catalog of tried-and-true original designs from the open-ended possibilities of custom fabrication.
  • Where are you located? What are your hours?
    The BFA showroom and workshop are under one roof in downtown Boulder, Colorado. Visit us during open hours, or schedule an in-person or virtual design session. Home consultations are also available - book here. Showroom - open to the public, appointments recommended Monday to Friday 11a-4p Saturday 12-4p Workshop - guided tours Monday to Friday 11a-4p Appointments and Home Consultations Monday to Saturday 10a-6p
  • Where are your prices?
    Quotes are complimentary and available upon request. Pricing is based on up-to-date wood species availability and custom projects are quoted individually. Generally, BFA furniture prices are in line with medium-to-high-end furnishing retailers.
  • Do you work with interior designers?
    Only the best! Register for our trade program here, or if you're looking for one of the best, browse our recommended interior designers here.
  • How do I place an order?
    Connect with us to put together your order. Place a 50% deposit to add your project to the workshop schedule, with the remainder due upon completion.
  • Why is lead time so long?
    At BFA, it is essential to create with care, precision and conscientiousness, and lead time is a large part of what makes our process so effective. Furniture orders are entered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Due to high demand, all orders are subject to a minimum of 8 weeks lead to completion, with most orders requiring 12-14 weeks. Custom orders can be subject to open-ended timelines. It doesn't take 8-12 weeks to build your furniture. The first 4-6 weeks is dedicated to design details, including wood, finish and handle selections, renderings, and completing order ahead of yours (we are thankful to be very busy). Rush fees are considered on a case-by-case basis. Get in touch to inquire.
  • Can I choose the wood you use?
    For a LiveEdge project, yes! We will present a selection of slabs for your consideration based on the design brief. If the winner isn't there in the first round, we can offer a second batch based on your input the first time around. Third rounds of slab selections are available on a case-by-case basis and incur additional costs. For a custom project, you can have input! Our designers and craftspeople are highly skilled and come with a mountain of experience - wood selection is both an art and a science. Once we have selected the material for your project, you can have veto power to determine the overall wood layout (this must be determined upon order placement). Most commonly, the way we select and lay out the wood is how you decide to keep it. Made-to-order furniture comes standard with our renowned wood selection process: each piece is hand-selected for its structural and aesthetic qualities, for overall balance of color and grain, and prized patterns are given priority positioning. It is common to find cathedral grain alternating direction in a tabletop, for a headboard's crown rail to feature iridescent curl, and for a door frame to showcase subtle "ying-yang" coloring. Have your own material? Read about Very Special Projects (VSPs) here.
  • Do you offer visualization services?
    Yes! Your made-to-order or custom furniture can come with 3D renderings of each piece to scale, excluding made-to-order seating.
  • Can I change or cancel my order?
    Cancellation/Refunds All orders are considered firm and are not subject to cancellation. Deposits and balances are nonrefundable. Within 14 days of placing your order, a deposit can be transferred to another piece or credited towards a future project. Changes We do our best to accommodate changes to your existing order when possible (it's easy to add to an order, harder to change the size of your bedframe). Changes to existing orders are considered on a case-by-case basis. Outstanding TBDs, certain changes, and other decisions made by you may affect the final balance amount due. After a deposit is placed, we will send a digital order to you via email. This copy serves as the order of record. Certain furniture orders will require written confirmation. In the case of an order requiring written confirmation, orders may not be placed with the workshop, and lead time may not begin until written confirmation is received. Changes to orders after initial confirmation may be subject to additional written confirmation.
  • Do you deliver?
    We hand-deliver BFA furniture far and wide ourselves. If you're outside the delivery radius, white-glove shipping is available and small items can ship via UPS. Get in touch for a shipping quote.
  • Is your furniture assembled?
    Always, unless it needs to be disassembled for delivery access - that's what craftsmanship is.
  • Do you refinish or repair furniture?
    We are always happy to refinish or repair your BFA furniture. For work on other furniture, visit our recommended resources.
  • Our house isn't ready yet! Can you store our furniture?
    We are happy to safely store your BFA furniture for up to 30 days free of charge. Orders must be paid in full upon completion. Storage Fees 0-30 days - complimentary 31-60 days - 1% of subtotal 61-90 days - 2% of subtotal 91-120 days - 3% of subtotal 121+ days - inquire
  • What is your warranty?
    BFA furniture is guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner.
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