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Getting The Most For Your Money at BFA

Everything we make is expensive. Savvy clients use the process to their advantage.

On occasion, a client will come in and say "what beautiful furniture! You must have a beautiful home." The cobbler's children have no shoes.

We get it - our furniture is expensive. It's worth it, and we can explain our pricing down to the penny, but that doesn't help if you're trying to furnish a whole home or scrimp to pay for a BFA piece. Here is how to use the made-to-order process to your financial advantage.


  • Buy an in-between-sized or extra-wide dining table instead of adding extension leaves. A roomy six-person table or any table 45"W+ can seat eight on those few occasions that you have extra guests.

  • Furnish piecemeal. Order the table, and come back later for the chairs. Our furniture is trendless and we don't discontinue our designs.

  • Put the LiveEdge on a headboard instead of a dining table. The slab doesn't need to be as big, or as thick.


  • Order a wall-mounted headboard (and add integrated nightstand shelves) instead of buying a whole bedframe.

  • Design a six-drawer dresser the size of an eight-drawer dresser. It's less work, less material, and technically comes with more capacity since there's two fewer drawer boxes taking up space inside.

  • Order a bed with storage. It's a higher-priced single piece, for sure, but costs less than buying a bedframe plus a six-drawer dresser. Then, bask in your extra floor space.

Living Room

  • Think vertically. A taller bookcase always looks better, takes up less space than a pair of them, and costs a lot less.

  • Use LiveEdge on a mirror frame instead of a coffee table. A "river" style mirror is a fabulous statement, and keeps things from feeling rustic - add stone inlay and you'll still be coming in under the price of a LiveEdge coffee table!


  • Order ahead of time. Remodel scheduled for completion in April? Order your furniture in October. You'll freeze pricing, and spacing out the major expenses makes paying the balance easier when the time comes. It helps that we can safely store your furniture until you're ready to receive it, too.

  • Pick up your furniture instead of having it delivered.

Questions? Let's connect.

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