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Kid-Friendly Funky

When the client is an old pro at ordering custom furniture and wants something totally unique, but super safe.

When long-term clients have been through the process a few times, things get more fun. A couple already had the formal dining set, waterfall sideboard and unique kitchen table, chairs, and barstools. Next up was an idea for a funky-modern console table that would abut the sofa in an open-concept living space.

The premise was simple enough: bring the colorado-modern vibe to a shelving unit that would span the length of a new sectional, and bring a more casual feeling to the space that felt, on its own, a bit too elegant for the family of soon-to-be four. The clients were expecting their second child, so the piece must also abide by a broad definition of safety.

The solution was a LiveEdge top, straight on one side, with one end more irregular than the other to draw the eye down a straightaway, balanced on clean U-shaped bases set at perpendicular angles. The bark would be removed and the edges sanded smooth.

Having a BFA piece inlaid with crushed turquoise already meant that the client was even more curious about that process. Hannah was pregnant, too, so the two new mamas got together to inlay together here at the shop (it's one of the few low-energy tasks we do) using tweezers, tiny spatulas and dental picks.

To guarantee stability if little climbers use it as a jungle gym, removable counterbalancing bars were added to the rear - they slide neatly between the feet of the couch. Every time they walk by, there's a (sometimes little) hand running along velvety contours.

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