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How to Furnish When You're House-Poor

Don't put junk in a fresh remodel: how to buy furniture that matches the house

Know what sucks? Walking into a friend's gorgeous new home, admiring the architecture and details, and then realizing that the furniture is mass-produced garbage. It doesn't match the quality of the space, the thoughtful people that inhabit it, or what should have been a "wow" moment.

Has a new build or renovation drained your wallet? Do not let a low balance, exhaustion or impatience turn you into shopping zombie at national chains, or, goddess forbid, internet-only furniture companies. You made hundreds of painstaking decisions to get to where you are now, and it's obvious when you skimp on the last mile (not to mention how disappointing it is to sit in an uncomfortable chair to enjoy your spectacular view).

There is a solution, but you may not like it (temporarily). It takes courage to be patient these days. The truth is that we are all conditioned against patience - it's the American way. It's ballsy to take your time, doing anything, really, but especially doing something you want over and done with.

Here's how to pay the mortgage AND plan for the best furniture you'll ever own.

  1. After you've poured you heart (and your piggy bank) into housing, live with the old table for a little while. It will give you a chance to get to know how you'll inhabit the space, and what you really need for it to function optimally for your family.

  2. Do it piecemeal. Order a dining table, and come back later for chairs. Get the bed, and hold off on a dresser for now. Our furniture is trendless and nothing we make is ever discontinued.

  3. Order ahead of time. Remodel scheduled for completion in April? Order your furniture in October. You'll freeze pricing, and spacing out the major expenses makes it easier to pay the balance when the time comes. It helps that we can safely store your furniture until you're ready to receive it, too.

Our furniture already takes 8-12 weeks from deposit to delivery, and we routinely hear that you've been putting off this purchase since grad school. What have you been most patient for in your life? Your remodel? The birth of your child? The love of your life? Was it worth the wait? The good news is you don't have to wait to plan your furniture, just to pay for it.*

*Furniture Row and big-box stores eat new homeowners alive with deferred financing. It's an incredibly successful way of getting you to buy now and think later.

Questions? Let's connect.

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