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1 solid wood

               Painstaking wood selection is the cornerstone of our artistic philosophy. It cannot be rushed, faked, replicated, or forced. Every specimen has natural structural and aesthetic qualities that require experienced, conscientious consideration at every step of the process. Placement, positioning, and orientation result from deliberate and careful planning for every surface and component.


Why North American? What's the difference? Let Criswell Davis explain in his TED talk.

2 natural oil

Just two things determine how your furniture performs long-term: the raw material it's made of, and the finish that's used to seal it. Our signature hand-rubbed oil finish blends natural Tung tree oil with resin and penetrates the wood surface to creates an iridescent, velvety surface that glows from the inside out. It's painstaking to apply (repeated coats of oil followed by hand-sanding in ascending grits), but with good reason: once your furniture is finished, it's done for life. There is no spray, stain, topcoat, lacquer, shellac or polyurethane to wear through or strip off. The finish is transparent, low VOC and ancient (we're talking Confucius). Upkeep and maintenance is easy, and there's no calling a refinisher to use toxic chemicals or transport your table somewhere offsite. Our master finishers train for years, like sushi chefs learn to perfect sticky rice. We aim to do things so right, they only have to be done once. Looking for more color control? Click below for all available hues!

3 Recycled Steel

Real steel is endlessly recyclable, with minimal energy consumption compared to plastics and composites. It's stronger than wood, so it can take up less space as a table base or frame. The BFA welding shop is onsite with the showroom and woodworking studio for seamless integration of each material into new and custom designs. Steel can receive a black powdercoat, blued-and-waxed or specialty powdercoat finish.



Ready to upgrade? Questions? Let's chat.

                      The showroom and workshop are under one roof in downtown Boulder. We work directly with individuals for private residences, partner with designers and architects on commercial projects, and love sharing our favorite local resources for everything from upholstery to empanadas. For answers to your questions or to simplify your ideas, schedule a consultation.

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