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Wood Species

Universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials.


Workshop Building Derrick 4.jpeg

Solid Wood

Painstaking wood selection is the singular cornerstone of our artistic philosophy. Read more about our materials here.

Why North American? What's the difference? Let Criswell Davis explain in his TED talk.


The finest material, hand-selected individually for each component and project


Kiln-dried for Colorado, guaranteed for life against warping and splitting


Worked with precision and thickness: 3/4" - 2" depending on application

Brightwell Coffee Detail.jpeg


Certified sustainable (and more trees are grown than harvested!) or salvaged


American species grown in their native and natural land habitats


Renewable and fixable without energy consumption or artificial chemicals

care + maintenance

Solid wood is intrinsically easy to love. Caring for the real thing is so much simpler than you might think. For day-to-day cleaning, wipe surfaces with a clean, well-wrung out cotton rag or paper towel. Periodically, oil your furniture with Parker & Bailey Natural Lemon Oil Polish. Never use Pledge, Method or other "wood cleaners" - they're designed to eat oil, which is the painstaking finish on BFA work. If your furniture gets scratched or stained, it can usually be resolved with #0000 synthetic steel wool and lemon oil. Rub in the direction of the grain, adding pressure as necessary, then add oil to raise the grain back up. The finish penetrates 1/4" deep, so anything less than that is subject to at-home care (no stripping or calling a refinisher). If your furniture gets damaged, it may need some extra love. Contact us for repairs.



Ready to upgrade? Questions? Let's talk.

                      The showroom and workshop are under one roof in downtown Boulder. We work directly with individuals for private residences, partner with designers and architects on commercial projects, and love to share our favorite local resources for everything from upholstery to empanadas. For answers to your questions or to simplify your ideas, schedule a consultation.

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