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Working with Designers

Do I need to hire an interior designer? If you're a designer yourself, should you work with BFA? A guide for homeowners and professionals.

Working with an Interior Designer as a Client

Maybe you think you don't know where to start, you're furnishing an entire home, or you think you don't make great aesthetic decisions. The truth is that most of you are better at this than you think, and a smaller proportion are overconfident.

Many clients choose to see BFA as their interior designer for furniture-related decisions because we are obsessive about creating the feel you want to live with and have decades of experience making that vision a reality. Our designers are experts at layouts, sizes, configurations, and rug proportions. We can guide you toward lighting and upholstery that you'll love and, if you have a handle on the vision, we can share which manufacturers match our quality.

If you're building a new house or doing an extensive remodel, talking to an interior designer is a very good idea. We don't subcontract, design kitchens, or know the first thing about HVAC. An interior designer (possibly NCIDQ-certified) will widen the aperture to see the big picture, save you time, and avoid costly mistakes. An interior designer who aligns with your vision for sustainability can prevent months of exhausting, often confusing research through the greenwashed void. Perhaps most importantly, an interior designer can create whole-home cohesion and produce the "wow factor" that only a professional can acheive.

Working with BFA as an Interior Designer

Brass tacks: we work with the best designers in the business because we don't copy-and-paste the trade program from RH. There is no minimum order, and there is no deep discount. The designers that come to us are the ones who truly listen to their clients' needs and desires for the highest quality products backed by the best business practices.

Some interior designers work one-on-one with a BFA expert, while others come to the shop with clients to make decisions together in person. Some of the benefits of our unique trade program include:

  • Renderings and CAD models

  • Complimentary finish samples and fabric swatches

  • Special pricing and terms

  • Personalized slab selections

  • Professional delivery to your client or procurement center and/or fully insured installation

Click here to apply for our trade program.

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