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Stone Inlay

Stone Options

Turquoise, Pyrite, Lapiz, Jasper, Gold Leaf, Copper Leaf, Silver Leaf

Inlay is jewelry. To do it right, we abide by a few simple rules.

1. Subtlety is our center of gravity. Larger pieces of furniture receive more discreet inlay - it should never shout.
2. In keeping with the principles of Japanese kintsugi, inlay is exclusive to naturally occurring knots and voids. Slabs and boards may be selected for inlay potential, then positioned for artful asymmetry.
3. Stones are distributed individually (we use the tools of jewelers and dentists), so the largest voids can receive the largest stones, trickling down to a smaller crush in finer sections.

Any piece of furniture can receive stone inlay, and you are welcome to provide your own stones.

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