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Art Chair

An internationally-renowned artist was full of ideas. Just add experience for an "as-seen-in" result.

When Denver-based artist Monica Curiel came to BFA with an idea for a design chair, Hannah took the call. They met for coffee to see how the build power of BFA would blend with Monica's vision and made a plan.

Monica explained that the chair would pay homage to her Mexican heritage and fondness for mariachi folk culture. It would be unapologetically modern, however, and require multiple techniques to bring to life.

Hannah put the ideas through the structural integrity test and responded with a three-legged design made from solid Oak to introduce textured grain beneath a black Rubio finish. She specified seat and back sizing, and the workshop wasn't sure what to make of it when they saw the first drawings.

The seat of the chair received an ergonomic contour, and a keyhole back was adorned with eight decorative spheres as a nod to traditional vestments. Read more about La Mari chair and view more of Monica's work here.

Project Gallery

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