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Historic Bedroom

A 19th century home comes with a small master bedroom. How one couple made it work, beautifully.

When you have little kids, the bedroom takes on new importance as a peaceful sanctuary. Over on West Arapahoe, a busy couple of parents needed more capacity and wanted the master bedroom furniture over and done with.

If your home is on the national register of historic places, there are some extra parameters. The staircase included some tight turns, and the upstairs bedroom had a steeply angled ceiling. Challenge accepted.

A home measure relieved the homeowners of sizing stress, and they learned that they could fit an oversized headboard and generous nightstands along a 12' wall. The bed design started with the Hi Modern, with the addition of a minimalist headboard designed to fit between two existing sconces. Floating nightstands cleverly hide outlets without obstructing access.

Six enormous drawers on push-to-open systems doubled the capacity of the bedroom with no need (or room!) for a dresser. Per the Hi Modern design, the frame extended to form a bench at the foot with a soft-closing cedar trunk in the center. Smart locks on the nightstand drawers keep little hands from getting in, and artful butterfly joints accent a figured Cherry backdrop.

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