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Organic in Modern

When your new place is modern with a capital "M", an unapologetic dose of natural materials can make all the difference.

A new build on West Pearl came with sleek lines, a rooftop patio and... a lot of manmade, cool neutrals. When your home is a view with a room, there's a lot of glass and that makes it a challenge to bridge the gap between the beautiful outdoor scenery and a place that, while fabulous, doesn't feel homey without help.

The client was a dream, from pushing candy on us at every visit to knowing her usage requirements down to the inch. A home measure let us double-check sizing and access, and an heirloom dining table gave us a starting point for choosing a wood species. The client didn't want to force a match to the existing furniture, but rather develop a design that would hold its own and complement the personality of playful art in the home.

The goal was twofold: create storage for (a lot of) music hardcopy, and inject the space with organic vibes. The obstacle was an access panel on the side of the new fireplace that must remain accessible, and clearance for an open turntable was a must.

A solution came to life in a three-part cabinet system with drawer unit on wheels, asymmetrical vinyl storage table, and upper hutch top with three river-style LiveEdge door frames and clear ribbed glass panels. On delivery day, the audio specialist worked together with BFA staff to determine cord access, drilled on the spot.

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