“The table is spectacular, and given the love everyone on your team put into each stage, we feel puffed up like patrons of fine artists.” Colleen W.

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The craftsman brings the piece to the finisher, and the finisher brings it to you. Ours is an organic approach that begins with classic joinery techniques and integrates soft closing drawers and a Made-to-Order standard. In our local workshop, a team of four craftsmen transform solid and sustainable hardwoods into fresh and timeless designs, finished to velvet softness with our hand-rubbed oil blend. The results are relaxing and comforting spaces and the settings for life, designed around you.


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Lighting & AccessoriesLighting and curated goods for home and life arrive daily in celebration of the handmade. Local artists join designers from across the world and works of art from developing countries with Fair Trade certification. Find exquisite materials and unique hand-work methods across the collection, and enjoy the peace that comes with the highest quality goods made in ways that protect our shared environment.


Browse our Leaf Lamp Collection (PDF) and call or click here to order online.

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