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Walnut Stool Modern Kitchen Hardwood Solid Near Me Boulder Colorado American Remodel Renovation Kitchen






                    Hey, we're BFA - artists at altitude, based in Boulder since 1985. Our furniture is built one piece at a time and designed for your best future.


Situated next to the mountains, we have an impossible task: make home outperform nature in order to become our favorite place. The art of furniture is a drive for excellence, in quality of craft and longevity of design. We love people through simple furniture, co-designing objects that compel and comfort a natural existence.

Solid Walnut King Bed Hardwood Grain Match Modern Bedroom Pillow White Remodel Renovation Near Me Boulder Colorado



        In 1985, we started with five. Today, we still strive for lasting art, objects, and structures that reflect our clients' unique perspectives of the world.

Designer Owner Furniture Build Design-Build Headshot Biography Website Near Me Female Owned Hannah Rogal


Hannah Rogal

A natural visionary, Hannah is the driving creative force behind our work. From concept to testing to execution, her thorough and nuanced approach yields amazing results for our clients.

Designer Owner Build Lee Nemerowicz Headshot Biography Plaid Flannel


Lee Nemerowicz

Lee started at BFA in 1999, determined to steward Boulder through an emergence of livable objects. He leads our teams with clarity, and brings a fresh perspective to each project.

Designer Director of Operations Woodworker Build Builder Derrick McMullen Nebraska Colorado Headshot Biography


Derrick McMullen

Self-described "Nebraska farm boy" Derrick is head of workshop operations, with unparalleled grasp of how furniture hits the senses. He carries an actual tacklebox of finishing and inlay tools.

                     With nearly forty years of built work behind us, we're pretty good at getting our clients from point a)nalysis to point b)eautiful.


Showroom Studio Furniture Custom Boulder Colorado Near Me Modern Hardwood Solid Slab LiveEdge Table Chair Bed Rocker Rocking Chair Dresser Bureau Plant Tree Shaker Interior Designer American Remodel Renovation Aloe Pine Ficus White Mirror Cherry Walnut Sheepskin

Everything we do follows tried-and-true processes that let our team bring you the design and quality we’re known for. Projects vary by need and scope, but we love a challenge and stick by your side every step of the way.

Here’s some of what we can do together.


We partner on private homes every day. Start with a design from made-to-order collection of modern classics, then choose a size, your favorite wood species and more. Every category comes with its own options from table expansion to headboard height.

Solid Walnut Mission Shaker Dining Table Modern Remodel White Oak Floor Herman Miller DWR Eames Chair Open Concept Open Plan Interior Designer Architect Boulder Colorado


We take the "complicated" out of custom with a tried-and-true process that produces spectacular results. Nothing beats decades of knowledge and experience for knowing what works and avoiding common pitfalls.

Solid Cherry Modern Platform Bed Integrated Floating Nightstand Dovetailed Drawer Shelf Bench Trunk Cedar Butterfly Bowtie Joint Custom Built In Near Me Arapahoe Interior Designer DWR Room&Board Herman Miller Eames Knoll


We work with discerning designers, architects and commercial clients for large-scale projects and original designs. Get in touch for special terms.

Interior Designer Process Plan Meeting Hannah Rogal Colorado Near Me Boulder Commercial Trade Studio Gallery Apple


Solid Walnut Modern Dining Arm Chair Accent Shaker Lightweight Hardwood Near Me Boulder Colorado Furniture Room&Board DWR Crate+Barrel Row Interior Designer Herman Miller Eames Knoll Office Bedroom Remodel Renovation Architect Architecture

Ready to upgrade? Questions? Let's chat.

                      The showroom and workshop are under one roof in downtown Boulder. We work directly with individuals for private residences, partner with designers and architects on large-scale projects, and love to share our favorite local resources for everything from upholstery to empanadas. For answers to your questions or to simplify your ideas, schedule a consultation.

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