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Weird Questions

Bring it on. We've been here for nearly forty years, so we don't shy away from a challenge and we'll be honest and as helpful as we can if your request is outside our purview.

You and your "weird questions." It's exceedeingly rare that they haven't been asked before (but try us). Here are some of our favorites, and whether the challenge was accepted.

Level 1: The Easy Yes

  • Would someone come to our house to help us measure? Yes.

  • Do you deliver? Far and wide.

  • Do you work with designers? Routinely.

  • Can you build a dining table taller for our extra-tall family? Of course.

  • Could you add child safety locks? Absolutely.

  • Can you add wireless charging to my desk? Sure.

  • Could you create a giant square dining table so our deaf family can all see each other? Most certainly.

Level 2: The Qualified Yes

  • We have a Walnut tree in our yard that has to come down. Can you help us turn it into useable lumber? No, but yes. We aren't a sawmill, but we can show you the steps.

  • Can you use the old Cherry stored in my grandfather's barn? Almost definitely (read about bringing your own wood here).

  • Do you build out of curly/tiger/quilted/birdseye Maple? Yes, on a case-by-case basis.

  • Can you match my grandmother's dining table finish? Yes, if you can provide us with a sample.

Level 3: The BFA Yes

  • Would it be possible to re-upholster the seat on our rocking chair, now that it's not in the nursery? Yes.

  • Would you create a prototype of a chair based on a hand drawing? Yes.

  • Would you be able to add velvet jewelry inserts? Yes.

  • Is there a limit to how many drawers a single piece can contain? We haven't reached it yet (see below).

  • Could three generations of our family participate in the inlay process? Yes.

  • Can you add a hidden compartment to one of our nightstands? Yes, and we won't ask why.

  • Would you inlay these healing crystals in my altar table? Yes.

  • Could you help us decide which wood species would go best with 26 fossilized ammonites, and can you inlay them in a double epoxy river? Yes.

  • (Client was a vegan) Can you mount this alligator head to the inside of a mostly-glass coffee table? Yes.

  • Would you incorporate Ancient Oak from a tree submerged in the Mississippi that I found on Google Earth, if I get the property owner's permission to harvest it and have it fully dried? Yes.

Level 4: The No

  • Would you refinish Ming-era antiques from China? No, but we know who does.

  • Do you consign furniture? No, but we know who does.

  • Can you cut my existing dresser in half, depth-wise? No, and we don't think anyone should try.

  • Are your designs ever discontinued? Almost never, over nearly 40 years.

  • Would you like to advertise? No, thank you.

Questions? Let's connect.

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